Medical Care

November 11, 2010The Experience

Major medical insurance coverage is not provided by China Horizons or the host school. Any international health or evacuation insurance is at the participant’s discretion. Some options for this can be found at the following sites. China Horizons does not endorse or recommend any specific company or plan. The following sites are for research purposes only.

Most schools have an on-campus clinic for minor ailments and injuries. This clinic is free of charge to the foreign teachers. If something of a more serious nature were to occur, school officials would take you to the local hospital, where all expenses would be your responsibility. The hospitals are not too luxurious, but they are improving. We work primarily with schools in industrialized urban areas where medical facilities are more up-to-date. The health care in China is so inexpensive that unless you were having surgery, you can pay your bill in cash.

For paid participants, when you arrive at the school, you may be required to receive a basic medical exam from the local hospital. This exam is necessary to obtain your “Resident Card” and “Foreign Expert License.” The expense for this exam may or may not be covered by your school. If you are required to pay for the exam, it will cost around $25.

All teachers should meet with a physician before departure to ensure they are fit and healthy to live overseas for the scheduled time.


China Horizons does not take any stance for receiving vaccinations before departure to China.

Every participant needs to make his/her own decision about receiving vaccinations. No vaccination is required for entry into China. The US Center for Disease Control has detailed information regarding vaccinations for China.

Click here to view the CDC website regarding vaccines for travel to China.

Medical Exams

After your arrival, a school will occasionally ask you to accompany them to a local clinic for a medical exam. This is done to simply verify that you are physically fit and free from any communicable diseases. This is more common if you will be working at a large school or interacting closely with many children. The examination will be similar to a standard “physical” examination. Chinese clinics and hospitals abide by all international health standards.