Teachers are typically paid at the end or beginning of each month. For fall and winter contracts, the salary is between 775 and 1200 USD per month, which in Chinese standards is a fortune. Your salary will be paid in Chinese currency, which can be deposited into a local Chinese bank account. The banking services in China are secure and reliable; the school can help you set up a bank account if you desire.

Participants who possess a teaching certificate could be at the upper level of the salary range or higher.

With the help of the school, any amount of money you have saved can be converted back to USD while in China. Transferring money from China to the U.S. can be expensive and complicated. Your options might include:

  • Wire transfer through Western Union (expensive)
  • Use the Bank of China to wire money to your American account (which is complicated)
  • Carry the cash with you when you travel home

Upon returning from China, each teacher is responsible for paying U.S. income tax on their earnings in China according to the IRS requirements.