Airfare & Travel (Volunteer)

March 28, 2011Volunteer


China Horizons will make and purchase all airfare reservations for the group. Volunteer teachers are asked to choose one of the preselected departure cities. The cost of the airfare from one of these cities is included in the volunteer program fee. Participants desiring to depart from another location may need to pay an additional fee if there is an increase in the ticket cost compared to the ticket of the preselected cities.

The preselected cities are: Salt Lake City, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.


  1. Will there be someone at the airport to meet me when I arrive in China?
    • China Horizons escorts participants to China to¬†ensure a smooth transition to the host school.
  2. Can I travel around the country during my stay and on the weekends?
    • Yes. Once you are at the school, any other traveling is done independently, with the exception of occasional trips organized by the school. Investing in a travel guide, such as the Lonely Planet will provide you with great ideas for weekend trips and excursions. Many teachers travel every weekend to nearby sites.
  3. How will I get around if I don’t know the language?
    • Knowledge of the Chinese language is not required for traveling around. You will find many ways to communicate when the language barrier presents an obstacle. The school will also be happy to assist you in arranging your bus/train tickets, reserving hotel rooms, etc.
  4. Will there be someone from the school to travel with me?
    • This varies depending on your specific school. You may have an assigned escort from the school. Be advised that most schools are very protective of ¬†foreign teachers. Knowing that this is most likely your first trip to China, they will be hesitant at first to allow you to travel anywhere without an escort. Once you have settled into the Chinese way of life, they will become more comfortable with the idea of you traveling independently to town or even to destinations outside your city.