China Through the Eyes of Our Teachers

March 10, 2011Teachers

Cool sunglasses, 1 RMB popsicle, and the Forbidden City. A perfect trifecta!

Twister is always a fun way to learn colors, directions, and limbs.

Luckily, these stairs did not lead to her classroom.

Great form. A skill often needed  in China.

The perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

A good way to bond with students is to show them it’s ok to embarrass yourself.

The Forbidden City at night looks…extra forbidden!

Making lifelong friends is required, not optional.

WAY better than the Dollar Menu at McDonalds.

The humid weather in Hunan pays off sometimes!

Nothing better than making a fool of yourselves for the sake of ‘teaching.’

Anyone up for flying a kite?

Where’s Waldo…China Horizons Style!

The Beautiful ancient city of Fenghuang.

Kissing frogs, looking for Prince Charming.

People say Disney Land is the happiest place on earth…they haven’t been here!

On top of the world!

These are the best moments… even better than the food.

Some students enjoying a Heather sandwich!

Oh the adventures that await!

Their English may be poor, but they love you!

What really makes this experience so amazing. It only takes one.

Victoria Peak trip during Spring 2011 Arrival Tour in Hong Kong.

Spring 2011 Group eating over 300 dumplings in Hong Kong.

Hanging out with students in Xiangtan.

Christy hanging out with summer camp students during “rest” time.

Worried about whether you need to be fashionable in China? No need!

Veronica in the stairwell of her apartment in Yongzhou with a lot of visitors!

Anna and her Kung Fu protectors in Zhenjiang.

Saying goodbye to students….definitely not the best part of the experience, for you and them.

The river town, Yangshuo

A place in China where the pace of life takes a dramatic halt.