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December 2, 2010Newsletter, Teachers

China Horizons Newsletters

Fall 2012 Arrival Tour

October 2012 – Issue 19 – Download the PDF

-Great Wall of China
-Summer Palace
-Tiananmen Square
-Over 200 pictures
-And oh so much more!


Settling in to China Life

April 2012 – Issue 18 – Download the PDF

-Teaching locations and map
-Embarrassing experiences
-Adjusting to new schools and lives
-TONS of pictures
-And so much more!


Hong Kong Arrival Tour Special

March 2012 – Issue 17 – Download the PDF

-Victoria Peak Tram, Big Buddah, ESL training
-LDS Temple
-10,000 Buddahs Monastary
-LOTS of photos


Traveling the Orient Part 2

January 2012 – Issue 16 – Download the PDF

-Guilin and Yangshuo Paradise
-More Shanghai
-Mountain adventures
-More Nanjing
-Wedding crashers


Traveling the Orient Part 1

December 2011 – Issue 15 – Download the PDF

-Hong Kong and the LDS Temple
-And of course…lots of photos!


Living and Teaching in China

October 2011 – Issue 14 – Download the PDF

-Teacher locations
-Arrival to school stories
-Teaching Stories
-Chinese Corner: Counting
-Yep! More pictures!


Arrival Tour Special

September 2011 – Issue 13 – Download the PDF

-Training and orientation
-Departure for schools
-LOTS of pictures


China Adventures

May 2011 – Issue 12 – Download the PDF

-Middle school students – Michael Griffin
-Attacking monkeys
-Chinese Corner
-LOTS of pictures!


Hong Kong Arrival Tour Special

March 2011 – Issue 11 – Download the PDF

-Victoria Peak Tram, Big Buddah, ESL Training
-Teacher locations Spring 2011
-LOTS of Photos
-And so much more!


Going Home Special

December 2010 – Issue 10 – Download the PDF

-What teachers learned from the Chinese culture
-How teachers changed over the semester
-Favorite places to visit while in China
-Saying goodbye is always hard


National Week

November 2010 – Issue 9 – Download the PDF

-Stories, pictures and advice from teachers and where they traveled to on the National Week holiday.
-Pictures of recent adventures
-Chinese Corner: Greetings


New term, new teachers

October 2010 – Issue 8 – Download the PDF

-Teacher locations
-Impressions of new school
-Stories about arrival
-Chinese Corner: Numbers


Arrival Tour Special

September 2010 – Issue 7 – Download the PDF

-Hong Kong
-Training and Orientation
-Departure for schools


Going Home Special

June 2010 – Issue 6 – Download the PDF

-New newsletter name
-Teaching by bad fashion
-Q&A with Savanna and Cierra
-All time worst lesson ideas.


Newsletter Needs a Title!

May 2010 – Issue 5 – Download the PDF

-Newsletter title contest
-Best food in China
-Learning from the Chinese Culture
-China trivia


New Teacher Training

April 2010 – Issue 4 – Download the PDF

-Training and Orientation
-Teaching Locations
-Hong Kong Temple
-And so much more!


Mid-Autumn Festival

November 2009 – Issue 3 – Download the PDF

-Moon cake festival
-Learn all about the festival
-October Holiday traveling adventures
-Chinese Corner: Numbers
-Pictures, pictures, and pictures


Getting Accustom to a New Life

October 2009 – Issue 2 – Download the PDF

-What China has taught me
-Meet the Harlans
-Food Experiences
-And much more!


Beijing Arrival Tour

September 2009 – Issue 1 – Download the PDF

-First impressions
-Departure for schools
-Only in China…