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When you find out you’re going to be a teacher in China it can be a daunting feeling. Rest easy, because we are here to answer any questions you have to get you to and from China safely and to have an enjoyable experience.

Support System in China:

China Horizons offers a comprehensive support system before, during, and after your trip. Please feel free to contact China Horizons at any point during your China process. Once you’re in China and at your school (crazy, right?!), the first person you’ll contact for help is your liaison. Your liaison is a Chinese teacher at your school who can speak English so they’ve been assigned to help you out during your semester. Some things you might talk to your liaison about could be: your teaching schedule, your apartment, good food to eat, cool places to see around your city, and anything else.

The person to talk to after your liaison is your Mentor. Your Mentor has taught through China Horizons before so they probably have a good idea of what you’re experiencing. You can ask them anything. They might not know they answer, but they’ll know how to find it. You could ask them about delicious food, vacations to take,  sickness, culture shock tips, help prepping lessons, and anything else. If, by chance, there is an issue that your Mentor can’t help out with they will contact the China Horizons staff to get it taken care of.

If there is an emergency please contact the office staff directly by emailing info@chinahorizons.org or calling 801-698-2410.

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