China Horizons, originally named New Spring China, began in the spring of 2004. It started as a service to connect teachers to schools in China for a small fee. Over the years it gained a great deal of traction and popularity as news for this service spread. This caused China Horizons to transition into being a full on program instead of a placement service at the time so there was more structure and security for the participants.. This started in the spring of 2006 with the first China Horizons Arrival Tour. From that point China Horizons continued to grow and word spread of the great opportunities this program provides. The China Horizons program is open to most people who are excited about adventure and independence while being able to offer service to the students at their schools. We want people to be able to grow from their experience, and while we give support when you need it, we want you to experience Chinese culture to its fullest!

Jacob Harlan – Founder

In 2002, Jacob Harlan and his wife Kathrine went to China to teach English for the first time. There, they built many connections with other schools through the liaison their school provided. He and his wife, who he met in Chinese class at BYU-Idaho, were wanting to help other people experience China in the same amazing way that they did. So they started small in helping people to go teach in China. Now they help many more people be able to experience China to the fullest. Jacob frequently travels from the USA to China to provide support for the teachers there.


Alyssa Petersen – Assistant Director

Hi everyone, I’m Alyssa! I’ve spent the past 8 years jumping in and out of China as a volunteer, mentor, intern, and employee with China Horizons. Being immersed in a new culture and language with new people and ideas continues to change my understanding of the world, and I love it. Now, as a CH employee, I enjoy helping others undergo a similar paradigm shift.

Trey Richeson

Hey! I’m Trey! I have been to China once through China Horizons and had an amazing experience. I have found that I want everyone to have their own China Horizons experience and I want to help get them there!

Nicole Permann

My name’s Nicole! I went to China through China Horizons and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The few months I was in China were absolutely wonderful. Teaching is so much fun and so rewarding, plus the kids are adorable! I loved having the opportunity to live, teach, and travel in China. If you’re looking for the opportunity to travel and experience China this is it!

Mykenna Robinson

Hi! I’m Mykenna! I went to China through China Horizons and it changed my life! I fell in love with the people, culture and the food there! I think everyone should have their own adventure in China, and China Horizons is the way to go!

Special thanks to

  • Spencer Streeter for helping with administration, relations, and tours from 2008-2014.
  • Brad Johnson for helping with arrival tours and training from 2012-2017
  • Gail Chou for helping with teacher training from 2010-2012