How to apply for a volunteer position in China:

FIRST: Complete step 1 below: Preliminary Application Form. Fill Out Application

SECOND: Wait to be contacted by a China Horizons representative to schedule an interview.

THIRD: After the interview, complete steps 1-10 below to finish the application process.

  1. Cover Letter. Describe your interest in living in China and the skills and traits you possess that qualify you for the position. Direct the letter to “To Whom It May Concern.” Sign, scan and e-mail the letter to China Horizons.
  2. Current Resume. Your resume should contain two current references. Please phrase any reference to religion, church, or missionary work in a secular format. This item MUST be e-mailed in a Microsoft Word file format.
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation. Past employers, teachers, or professors are all acceptable references. These letters should NOT be written by a relative or clergy (church) contact. Please have the letters typed, printed on professional letterhead, and then signed. The signed letters must be scanned and e-mailed to China Horizons. Either the writer or the applicant may e-mail these to China Horizons.
  4. Copy of Signed Valid Passport (picture page only). The passport should contain at least six months’ validity from the time you return from China to the U.S. The passport you submit must be the exact passport you will use for China. For example, if you are married or engaged and plan on applying for a new passport with your new last name, you will need to submit your new passport with your application, not your current passport. View the Passport and Visa page for more information. Scan and e-mail the passport copy to China Horizons.
  5. Visa Photograph. This must be a professional passport/visa style photo and does not need to match the photo on your passport. A convenient place to take the photo is at a Walgreens Photo Lab. For details on visa photo requirements, follow this link:
  6. Drivers License. We also need a scan of the front of your Drivers License. You can scan and e-mail the photo to us.
  7. Copies of College Degrees and/or Teaching Certificates (not required, but welcomed). Scan and e-mail these documents.
  8. Signed Terms and Conditions Agreement Form. Please print, sign, scan, and e-mail this form back to China Horizons.
  9. Signed Teacher Code of Conduct Agreement form. This form is signed digitally and does NOT need to be printed, signed, scanned, or e-mailed back.
  10. Application Deposit. The application deposit must be submitted with the above materials. The deposit is deducted from the program cost and is NOT an additional fee. If you are not accepted or placed, ALL fees (including the deposit) are 100% refunded. However, if you choose to withdraw your application, the deposit is not refunded. The application deposit may be mailed to the P.O. Box listed below. You can also use the PayPal option below. Volunteer Application Fee – Single Applicant $150.00 USD / Married Couple $250.00 USD.

    Application Fee
    Applicant’s Name

    How to Submit Application Materials #1-8

    E-mail all attachments together in one email to: and retain all original hard copies for future reference.

    When saving your attachments, please follow the following guidelines:

    1. All documents should be attached to your e-mail in the form of a Microsoft Word document (.DOC), PDF file, or J-PEG file. Your application will be sent to China online, so please prepare all documents in an appropriate file size. Each attachment should not exceed 2MB.
    2. Please name the file using this format: “last name application item.” For example, if you are attaching your passport as a PDF file and your last name is Rogers, the file would be named “Rogers Passport.”  Application items may be abbreviated when naming the file. For example, “Terms and Conditions” may be named  “Rogers Terms.”

    If you do not have access to a scanner or e-mail, please contact China Horizons to make arrangements for submitting your application.

    Regarding Final Program Payment.  The final program payment should be made within two weeks of acceptance into the program unless an alternative payment plan has been arranged. This payment, in the form of check or money order, must be mailed to China Horizons at the address listed below.  All program fees are non-refundable unless an applicant is not accepted into the program or China Horizons is unable to arrange a placement for the semester indicated by the applicant.