Any participant who has not already traveled in China extensively, should  take part in the arrival tour. In addition to the amazing sites we visit, training and orientation takes place throughout the tour, and prepares participants for life in China and helps them know what to expect. From our experience, the teachers who struggle the most with adjusting to China life, are those that skipped the arrival tour, so that is why we compel participants to go. If you want to start yourself out on the right track, come on the arrival tour and let us help you prepare for your semester in China.

Each semester, China Horizons offers a training tour that participants can take part in before heading off to their respective schools. The tour consists of popular destinations that most participants plan or hope to travel to. We hope that these arrival tours are not seen as an unexpected expense; rather, the cost for this training tour should come out of the money already budgeted to bring to China. In addition, planning the tour as a large group trip allows us to offer it to our teachers at a significantly reduced cost.

To put it simply, this is an incredible deal!

Tour Itinerary: Beijing – 6 days

Included in the Beijing tour are the following:

  1. Great Wall Hike: Tentatively for Mutianyu section of the wall
  2. Ming Tomb Sacred Path: Entrance to valley of tombs of 13 Ming Dynasty Emperors
  3. Forbidden City: Home of the Emperors from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty
  4. Tiananmen Square: The 4th largest city square in the world at 440,000 square meters
  5. Summer Palace: Summer home of the Emperors throughout the Ming and Qing Dynasties
  6. Chinese Acrobatics show
  7. Pearl Market/Silk Street Market Shopping
  8. Train or Flight Transportation to teaching location

Optional: The Legend of Kung Fu show
Optional: Temple of Heaven.

During the arrival tour, we will begin training and orientation to prepare for teaching and arrival at the schools. Training and orientation lasts approximately two days.

Approximate Dates:

Spring Tour

Depart U.S. Feb. 1
Arrive Beijing Feb. 2
Depart to Schools Feb. 9

Fall Tour

Depart U.S. Aug. 21
Arrive Beijing Aug. 22
Depart to Schools Aug. 28